It all began over 17 years ago when Chris needed a small run of custom t-shirts for a party he was hosting.

Chris Maddison, took the opportunity to deliver a great custom product, printed in his former partners’ garage. In 2004, he decided to move forward from practicing his entrepreneurial skills to opening Custom Colour T-Shirts and Apparel on King Street in #DowntownBrantford.

Since opening, Custom Colours has grown to be a major supplier of #customprinted textiles, specializing in small run orders ranging from one to 1000 pieces. Services include heat print, screenprint, embroidery, graphic design. Chris shares the success and knowledge of the industry, customer service, and running a business as a partnership, then a sole-proprietor and now moving to a small corporation.

“It has been a rewarding journey over the past 17 years. We walk around town and see our work. It is very special and gratifying,” said Chris.

However, a successful, independently owned business is never without its challenges. On February 11, 2020, Chris almost quit. As a large fire tore through the apartment buildings on Colborne and King Street, he almost lost his business. A portion of Colborne Street remained closed for months due to the fire, which was a primary access point to the public and adjacent business in the area. Shortly after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally, forcing many businesses to close temporarily in accordance with government restrictions. Fortunately, Chris’s positive outlook and dedication to the business helped him to persevere.

“Walking away just wasn’t an option for me. Life is a challenge and I chose to go onward and upward,” said Chris.

Although Chris lost the King Street location where he operated for 15 years, he was determined to find a new storefront that would allow him to remain in the downtown core.

“I believe in the resurgence of downtown and I want to be part of the change. If you give Brantford a chance, you will see there are many good people. It’s the heart and soul of this city,” said Chris.

Custom Colours is now open and located at 150 Market Street in Downtown Brantford.

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