Jeffrey Harding is a musician who has captured the hearts of many in his hometown of Brantford.

As the lead singer and guitarist for BarCode , a local rock band, Jeff has been entertaining audiences with his powerful vocals and guitar skills for over two decades. His passion for music was sparked at the young age of 5 when he discovered Buddy Holly, and he was immediately drawn to the sound of Holly’s Fender Stratocaster.

Growing up, Jeff was thrilled to see a rock star wearing glasses, just like him. This, and a love of Buddy Holly’s unique vocals fuelled his desire to become a musician. He began taking guitar lessons at the Brantford Music Center when he was just 9 years old. Jeff’s dedication to his craft paid off, and he has since become one of Brantford’s favourite local performers.

In addition to his work with BarCode, Jeff also teaches guitar lessons at the Brantford Music Center. He has come full circle, sharing his love and knowledge of music with the next generation of musicians. Jeff’s passion for teaching is evident in his patience and willingness to help his students achieve their musical goals.

Over the years, Jeff has become a fixture in Brantford’s music scene. He has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and fans alike for his presence, his talent and his dedication to his craft. Jeff’s love for teaching music is infectious, and he has inspired many young musicians to pursue their dreams of becoming performers.

The wide variety of BarCode’s music appeals to just about any generation. Their most consistently received compliment over the last 20 years is the diversity of the song selections they can perform, and the amount of fun they bring to any space.

You will often find Jeff and BarCode playing at various restaurants and venues in downtown Brantford. He has performed solo at Hudson Public several times, and the band loves a good jam session in Harmony Square.

For Jeff, performing in the downtown core holds a special significance. He not only works there often, but he also calls this vibrant community his home. There are a lot of memories that Downtown Brantford holds for Jeff that are the foundation of his passion for this community.

“Personally, when down here (downtown) is part of your everyday life, it’s the little moments that stand out more. Chatting with the staff at Crazy Bills, joking with my Temple Building neighbours as they grab their morning coffee or walk their dog, getting a friendly HONK and a wave from a passing friend, and so forth. For me, it’s these kinds of interactions that play a huge part in making this neighbourhood a personal and positive experience.”

“As a West Brant boy, I grew up banking, visiting the library, and going to the movies down here. I purchased some of my first music at Market Square; CD’s I still own and use. No matter where I go or what I do, Downtown Brantford is my neighbourhood. That will never change.”

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