Once only found in the classiest of restaurants or wine bars, charcuterie has grown to become a popular centerpiece these days at parties, get-togethers, the big game or a simple night in. A trend that got its start in the 15th century is making an unexpected comeback, perhaps thanks in part to this local business, Charcuterie Etc.!

Kristen Lowe (Stemmler) is the proud, local Owner & Operator of Charcuterie Etc. based in Downtown Brantford. Charcuterie Etc. serves are anything and everything charcuterie. From small individual charcuterie cones or cups to must-try ‘brunchables’ all the way up to a full table spread, picnics and beyond!

The idea bloomed in August of 2020 after seeing a trend on Instagram and showing her mom, before she knew it Kristen and her mom started gifting friends charcuterie boxes! As more friends asked about the boxes and wanted to order Kristen quickly attained a business license in October 2020 and an official location in a fully certified kitchen in February of 2021. “We are still here today. And they’ve told me I have a home with them as long as I like ❤️”

Besides seeing this old, yet new, trend grow Kristen is inspired by it being similar to the food she grew up eating. Snacking on a Saturday afternoon, watching a movie, or after doing chores. “Wholesome snacks that feed the soul and are quick to grab when hungry.” Kristen explains “I love this business and I love the faces of my clients when they see their orders. Food is the way to the heart and everyone deserves a nice treat!”

Both Kristen’s love for food and being able to offer beautiful food to everyone at affordable prices are what motivate her day to day. She adds that she loves setting her own hours but finds herself happy to cater to her clients too.

Charcuterie Etc. is the only licensed and certified charcuterie business in Brantford and they do nothing but charcuterie and they do it well, I’d like to add.

When asked what Kristen’s most popular item is to order she proudly states that “People currently love our picnics. We have 3 locations to choose from where we do a full picnic set up just for you, complete with charcuterie for 2. “We are the only ones setting up picnics in town and they are a great idea for date night, a treat for a friend or perhaps you want to surprise a special couple in your life!” Kristen suggests.

Kristen truly shows a lot of passion for this Downtown business she has created all while helping locals enjoy wholesome snacks without spending a fortune. And of course, a special feeling that their order was made especially for them. As it is.

Kristen is a #DowntownBrantford resident so keeping her business downtown was an easy choice. “There are a lot of great businesses downtown and I appreciate always being included in downtown marketing as well.” She shares. “We have a great community of business owners in downtown Brantford and I love being one of them!”

In addition to a unique menu & service offered by Charcuterie Etc. they collaborate with other restaurants including the brand new From Scratch Cafe Bistro and The Chinese Sisters Restaurant. Kristen mentions how she wouldn’t be here without The Chinese Sisters as they are her biggest support and allow her to rent their kitchen and help with her orders on busy days.

When Kristen is not working hard creating she loves spending time with her family and friends and is as thankful for them as we are to have her serving up all the tasty charcuterie for our city to enjoy.

So be sure to follow Charcuterie Etc. page and when you are ready to order for your next event or night in you can do so online or reach out via Direct Message.

I must admit I had a really gouda time writing this article…
(My apologies I couldn’t resist one cheese-related pun.)

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