Membership Benefits

Business Operator

All businesses in the Downtown BIA area see benefits from the improved local atmosphere and ambience that a successful BIA helps to create.

Property Owners

Initiated improvements and activities may lead to increased property values and help to create and sustain a more vibrant economic environment in the Downtown area. This attracts both commercial and service sectors to the area, in turn leading to an increased demand for retail and office space, and a subsequent increase in property values.


Initiatives help to create a more prosperous community which attracts more visitors and retains more local customers for all types of services (dining, entertainment, professional services).

Secure Source of Funding

Once the Board of the BIA has prepared a budget, discussed it with membership, and has it approved by the municipality, the municipality collects money as a special levy on all industrial and commercial properties in the area. Funds are then transferred to the BIA organization to carry out work.

Other Benefits

While the advantages of BIA membership are vast and varied, here are a few additional benefits to give you a glimpse of the possibilities that await.

Increasing community interest and pride in the business area

Ensuring ongoing cooperation among the members of the business community.

Improving lines of communications between the business community and municipal Council and staff.

Increasing cost savings to the membership through improved integration of capital funding and promotional activities.

Get Involved

Be a part of Brantford

Membership in the Downtown Brantford BIA offers numerous benefits to businesses in the area through an improved local atmosphere and ambiance. As a member, you have various ways to get involved and contribute to your community. Attend the annual General Meeting to provide feedback and stay informed about upcoming plans. Join the Marketing Committee to shape events and marketing initiatives, and participate in the promotions that drive traffic to the downtown core by becoming a participating business for Downtown Brantford Merchandise Certificates. Engage in the Golden Broom contest to enhance downtown businesses and encourage others to participate. Effective communication is key, so keep the BIA informed of your sales and events for promotion, follow DBBIA on social media, and actively respond to surveys and email blasts. Together, we can create a thriving downtown community.

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