The owner of Purple Bean Media has found her niche in Downtown Brantford

Starting a business is a big decision, but for Sherri Barna, it was the logical next step.

As the Director of Marketing for a non-profit organization, Sherri was consistently offering to help her friends on the side, coaching them on their social media, and providing ideas for their digital marketing content. Eventually, she decided to turn her passion for helping others into a business. She came to the realization that she really enjoyed coaching other small businesses and helping them succeed in the ever-changing world of social media marketing. After speaking with her husband Steve and receiving the encouragement she needed, Sherri decided to take the plunge and create her own digital marketing agency, Purple Bean Media.

Sherri’s team is unique because of the amazing individuals who are passionate about marketing. They have a very positive and fun office culture, which spills over into their work. They create and implement customized digital marketing strategies for businesses, and love when local businesses succeed. Plus, they always have really good whiskey on hand for the days you want to celebrate.

As fate would have it, when her business was forced to move temporarily to the downtown core, Sherri fell in love with the vibrancy of the local scene, with all of its unique restaurants, small businesses, and most importantly, access to great coffee! Downtown Brantford has become the perfect location for Sherri and her team, and they have been able to contribute to the growth of the downtown area by providing marketing services to local businesses.

“I’ve enjoyed being Downtown. There is often a lot of people out and about which I love. When we were moving offices, I was carrying loads of office supplies and furniture, and a few people offered to help me move, which I greatly appreciated. I like being in a bustle of activity. And did I mention, walking distance to coffee?”

Sherri has become an advocate for the revitalization of the downtown area, which has seen an increase in foot traffic due to the efforts of the city and the university. She believes that the beautification efforts that the city is making and the variety of festivals, concerts and other events that happen will bring more people downtown, which increases foot traffic for all businesses, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Sherri’s passion for marketing has been a driving force in her success, and her love for the downtown area has made her an important part of this community.

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