Yang Ping (Candy)

In the heart of Downtown Brantford, you'll discover The Chinese Sisters Restaurant a hidden culinary gem that's more than just a place to dine – it's a heartfelt journey[...]

Jeffrey Harding

Jeffrey Harding is a musician who has captured the hearts of many in his hometown of Brantford. As the lead singer and guitarist for BarCode , a local rock[...]

Warren – The Oriental

Warren Mark, Owner of The Oriental Restaurant. Many people believe that opening a restaurant is as simple as putting on an apron and heading into the kitchen, but any experienced[...]

Miguel – Cuba Fades

Several crafts enjoy a privileged place in the history and development of the Cuban nationality. Few like the barber. Miguel Perez is the proud owner of Cuba Fades in[...]

Jen Middleton

This month and shining a spotlight on a born and raised Brantford resident, Jennifer Middleton. Jen has been working with the City of Brantford since 2011 and is honoured[...]

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